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Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution to Save Money

Answer Financial, one of the largest national auto and home insurance agencies, shares money-saving tips to help you achieve your 2015 goals

Encino, CA; January 7, 2015 We all know the drill. With Thanksgiving, the holiday season commences and the rest of the year is punctuated by celebrations, decorations, libations, and lest we forget, capricious spending. Is it any wonder that come January we collectively commit to getting healthy and financially fit in the New Year? To help you get a jump on your money-saving resolution,Answer Financial® has composed a list of tactical tips to help you maximize your insurance savings.

Bundle up your policies this winter

Most insurance companies incentivize customers to insure multiple assets with them. Makes sense right? So why not capitalize on additional savings by bundling your auto insurance policy with renters or homeowners insurance?

Choose wisely by comparing

You may be surprised how much you can save for the same coverage simply by comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies. Save yourself time, in addition to money, by shopping for insurance at, where you can compare insurance quotes side-by-side with customer ratings and reviews. You can then buy the policy of your choice directly online or over the phone with a licensed agent at 1-888-737-7000.

Assume the right kind of risk and don’t gamble with the rest

Here’s how insurance works. The coverage level you choose will determine what (and who) is protected by your policy. Your premium is the amount you pay for your insurance coverage. Your deductible is the amount of damage costs that you must pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company pays any expenses. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium, and vice versa. If you are a safe driver and comfortable assuming the risk of the potential out-of-pocket cost, increasing your deductible is a quick way to decrease your monthly insurance expense. However, when it comes to your coverage level, it may be best to play it safe. Carrying a higher level of coverage provides you with more protection, generally at a nominal price.

Max out your discounts

What achievements are you still relishing from 2014? Did you buy that new home or land a new job? Get married or send your child off to college? Rates change with the benchmarks in your life. As you exhibit more responsibility in your life, you may qualify for new discounts that can save you money throughout the year. Ask an Answer Financial agent if you qualify for discounts that reflect your most recent life changes.

This New Year, take advantage of an easy way to shave off expenses from your regular monthly bills. To compare quotes and see how much money you can save, visit or speak with a knowledgeable licensed agent at 1-888-737-7000.

About Answer Financial® Inc.

Answer Financial, through its agencies Insurance Answer Center and Right Answer Insurance, is one of the largest independent personal lines agency operations in the nation, providing auto and home insurance policies directly to consumers and through a broad network of marketing partners. Answer Financial serves the growing segment of self-directed consumers searching for the best way to save money on insurance by providing one easy place to Shop, Compare, and Buy Insurance. By leveraging technology and partnerships with top-rated insurers including sister company, Esurance, Answer Financial can provide real-time comparison rates for virtually every consumer. Customers can purchase online or over the phone with the guidance of an insurance expert. Answer Financial is a member of the Allstate family of companies.

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