Who Pays More for Auto Insurance: Red States or Blue States?

Answer Financial® Inc., one of the largest auto and home insurance agencies in the U.S., compares average insurance estimates for state capitals based on the prevailing political party in the state*.

Encino, CA; November 4, 2014 Today’s Senate elections will settle some hotly debated races, and with politics on the cumulative mind of the nation the original insurance comparison company, Answer Financial ® Inc., elected to look at the race in another way: which political party wins for lowest auto insurance?

With Democrats in current control of the Senate, we’re highlighting states with seats up for grabs this election. Here’s how they compare:

Colorado has a split-seat senate and a tight race this year, making them one to watch this election, but not necessarily for our insurance list where the state comes in at 36th place. Our Coloradoan friends ought to shop regularly to maximize savings.

A handful of states with Republican-dominant governments have surprisingly close races with their Democratic counterparts. Where insurance is concerned, Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana and North Carolina rank in the mid-to-low range, with North Carolina and Kansas coming in at 14th place ($902/yr) and 18th place ($949/yr), respectively to protect their vehicles. In states with competitive insurance rates, the best way to find a deal is to compare.

Michigan Republicans, on the other hand, may lose a seat this year but are in no real danger with a strong partisan foothold in the state. At $1,649 per year on insurance, however, the Wolverine State has room to improve, ranking 43rd on our list. We can help you with that Michiganians!

The upper houses for West Virginia and Georgia are rumored to lean right, but impact will likely be minimal with the red party’s existing stronghold. Both states are out of the race for lowest insurance prices, ranking 48th and 44th highest on our list.

Our Overall Findings
Based on our sample, Democrats pay almost $300 more per year on auto insurance. Despite having the #1 least expensive state for insurance – Nevada at $727 – blue states include seven of the ten most expensive states for drivers. See how your state ranks:



State Insurance Estimate Insurance Rank (lowest to highest) State Party Control
Rhode Island $2,618 50 Blue
Connecticut $2,392 49 Blue
West Virginia $2,103 48 Blue
Delaware $1,846 47 Blue
Massachusetts $1,720 45 Blue
California $1,600 42 Blue
Hawaii $1,596 41 Blue
Maryland $1,393 39 Blue
New Jersey $1,317 35 Blue
Colorado $1,228 34 Blue
New Mexico $1,212 32 Blue
Minnesota $1,045 24 Blue
Washington $ 938 17 Blue
Maine $ 885 11 Blue
Oregon $ 871 9 Blue
Vermont $ 807 5 Blue
Illinois $ 764 3 Blue
Nevada $ 727 1 Blue
Louisiana $1,749 46 Red
Georgia $1,706 44 Red
Michigan $1,649 43 Red
Florida $1,535 40 Red
Montana $1,383 38 Red
Oklahoma $1,332 37 Red
Mississippi $1,217 33 Red
Arizona $1,166 31 Red
Alabama $1,105 30 Red
Arkansas $1,098 29 Red
Nebraska $1,085 28 Red
South Carolina $1,060 26 Red
Texas $1,059 25 Red
Virginia $1,035 23 Red
Alaska $1,033 22 Red
Utah $ 969 21 Red
Pennsylvania $ 956 19 Red
Kansas $ 949 18 Red
South Dakota $ 916 16 Red
Tennessee $ 910 15 Red
North Carolina $ 902 14 Red
Ohio $ 899 13 Red
Missouri $ 890 12 Red
North Dakota $ 876 10 Red
Wisconsin $ 852 7 Red
Idaho $ 851 6 Red
Wyoming $ 786 4 Red
Indiana $ 747 2 Red
Kentucky $1,331 36 Split**
Iowa $1,085 27 Split
New York $ 966 20 Split
New Hampshire $ 867 8 Split



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* Data source: Rates provided by auto insurance shopping comparison website AnswerFinancial.com. Annual premiums based on a previously insured married female, age 35, driving a Honda Civic EX 10,000 miles per year; Driver lives in her state’s capital city, has excellent credit, no violations or accidents, 50/100 Bodily Injury limits and a $500 deductible.

** The following split control states were excluded from this comparison: Iowa, Kentucky, New Hampshire, and New York.

References: 1. CNN key races to watch: https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2014/politics/key-races/ 2. StateScape? legislative control analysis: https://www.statescape.com/resources/partysplits/partysplits.aspx

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